Crown Nation

Crown Nation, formed in 2006, is the Detroit based hip hop duo that possesses both an old-school golden-era feel and new school swag. Consisting of Quelle Life (of Wasted Youth) and Denmark Vessey (of Silent Riot) the two quickly became a fixture in the local Hip Hop Detroit Scene. Drawing inspiration from the like of Slum Village, ATCQ, Black Star, OutKast, etc., they began rocking venues with the likes of local hip hop legends, Slum Village, Royce 5’9″, Miz Korona, Guilty Simpson, etc. at Detroit Electronic Music Festival(2006), Stones Throw After Party(2006), Blind Pig (2005- currently) they are considered the favorite amongst favorites. Denmark Vessey and Quelle Life met thru mutual friend and member of Wasted Youth, Loose Cannon. Upon, meeting each other, Denmark, who had already made a name for himself locally for his production working with Detroit Elite (Monica Blaire, L’Renee, Wasted Youth, D12, Slum Village, Nick Speed, Danny Brown) heard Quelle Life on Big Tone’s (member of Wasted Youth) ABB debut album, The Drought. Shortly after meeting each other, they decided to work on a project together.

The songs they recorded showcased the two emcee/producers’ diversity and chemistry. Quelle Life’s distinctive voice and unorthodox cadence draws the listener in, his wit-saturated rhymes, whether introspective stories of everyday struggle or the shear celebration of hedonistic anecdotes laced with weed and women, keeps the audience captivated. This all compliments Quelles unique left-field musical ear, he too being a sought after producer amongst, Detroit legends such as Wasted Youth, Marv Won, Guilty Simpson, Danny Brown and Dj HouseShoes just to name a few. Denmark’s off-the-cuff, brash brand of emceeing show the clear dichotomy that makes Crown Nation, as a whole a unique group, with a sound all their own. His wide range of musical ability (playing guitar, piano and drums) also suggest a deep understanding of what GOOD hip-hop and music in general, is meant to sound like.

Their commanding stage presence is second in nature and leaves the audience and future fans wanting more. Having just finished their debut album titled Well Spoken Negroes, Crown Nation looks to expand their already growing fan-base and take their place amongst the new-generation of music artist that will forever impact the way we feel about the girl we all have fell in love with: Hip-Hop.

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