Denmark Vessey

In the wake of nu hip hop, Detroit native Denmark Vessey maintains the signature “soft-as-concrete, beautiful/ugly” Motor City sound all too well. From d-boy to b-boy—-armed with quality music production, Denmark makes his presence felt in a lasting matter behind the boards and on the mic.

Initially, Denmark just rhymed over beats. However he developed an interest for making beats and pursued his new passion fervently. Over the years, hard work coupled with progressive leaps in production enabled Denmark to work with and provide music for some of Detroit’s most respected artists. DJ Houseshoes (official tour dj for Mayer Hawthorne), Slum Village, Guilty Simpson (Stones Throw), Danny Brown (Fools Gold), Dwele (Grammy Award Winning Singer for Kanye West’s Flashing Lights) Monica Blaire, L’Renee and D12, just to name a few.

In 2008, along with Crown Nation homie/member Quelle Life, Denmark relocated to Chicago and released the crew’s debut LP “Slut Bag Edition”. Along with the help of DJ Houseshoes, the LP landed on the shelves of the much venerated/now shuttered Fat Beats as one of the last albums released at their NY and LA stores. In 2010, Denmark took the reigns of his career and was instrumental in bringing legendary hip hop group Slum Village to Chicago for their farewell performance. This move not only provided Denmark a higher profile locally, but augmented his D.I.Y. ethos. Now Denmark (Crown Nation activist, SilentRiot producer) is seizing every day and bringing back ’96 through beats, love and rhyme.

The eponymously titled “I’d Rather Be Making Muzik” ep is really just some of the music I made around ’05-’06 but the special thing about these joints/songs in particular is that when I made them, I wasn’t working a 9 to 5, I was just making music. I was getting pay from local cats around the city to do what I loved and that brought about wonderful and powerful feeling of accomplishment. Eventually just regular life stuff happened and I had to get a job again but I continue to make music and sell music however, I don’t have the freedom to create all day long as I once did. So, basically these songs represent a period in my life were my dreams were realized, even if for a limited time and thats what drives me to continue today. Frankly, that’s what this whole movement is about… “I’d Rather Be Making Muzik”!!! I was at work when i came up with the tshirt idea (S/O to Rio for helping come up with the design) and because it came from such a real place in my soul I think it resonates with alot of ppl who work to live but don’t live to work. Feel me? In other word’s the whole job-versus-career matrix is what I want to tackle cus don’t no body want to work at no punk ass JOB …..EL-OH-ELOHIM pz

- Denmark

back for more feat @LekLansky and @Lreneedetroit by denmark-vessey
Trust No One featuring @LekLansky by denmark-vessey
bad man feat @LekLansky by denmark-vessey
remember featuring @Lreneedetroit by denmark-vessey
chances feat @LekLansky, @Lreneedetroit, and Stu Scaggs by denmark-vessey
pose feat. @therealdwele and @riodata (bonus track) by denmark-vessey
07 Break Away by denmark-vessey

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